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Many times during the cardmaking process I find a new (to me) super cool color combo that I like, and because of the lack of time, I just mark it somewhere to a piece of cardstock. Next time, when I need it again of course I can’t find it and I am going with the same used color. Can you relate? 😅

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Anyway, this is the reason why I made this color combo chart. To have it close to my desk, and when I need it, I am swatching the markers to those teeny-tiny circles to have marked done and when I have more time, I finish it with a little sample coloring to see how it looks, when those colors are used together. This really works for me and I thought you might find it useful as well. 

Color Combinations

I thought it might be inspirational for you to see my color combos, and maybe you can save a few to your swatchbook. I will add more soon to this post, feel free to bookmark it and come back later.

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On the Image above I have swatched my Ohuhu markers. I have the 219 set from the Honolulu Series, so I am pretty sure I will make more swatches in the future, I just need to find a bit of time for it. I have printed the Small Spacing Chart, because the So Jelly stamp set is smaller and a good fit. I have used the Jet Black Inkpad for stamping.

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I have a few Spectrum Noir Triblend Markers, so I swatched them quickly as well. I printed the heart shaped aka “pre stamped” swatch chart, so I saves a lot of time with the stamping.
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Here I did the same process, but this time for Spectrum Noir Illustrators. This is just a warms sheet, probably I will make a cool version as well in the near future.

More information and tips with the swatch cards

  • There are two sizes, A4 International and US Letter, so you can print the version which you prefer more.
  • As I already wrote, there are two types of the printables. One heart shaped aka “pre stamped” so it’s ready to use and two empty ones for stamping with the wished stamp set. One version is for the smaller stamp sets like the So Jelly mini set I have used for color swatching, and one for bigger images like these super sweet Lawn Fawn critters.
  • If you want to swatch your alcohol markers, like CopicsOhuhuSpectrum Noir or others, then I suggest you to print the PDF with inkjet printer to a Neenah Solar White Cardstock or any alcohol marker friendly cardstock you prefer.

  • If you want to swatch your water-based markers and color mediums like Tombow MarkersKarin Markers or Watercolors, then print the PDF with laser printer, to your favorite watercolor paper.
  • If you print the empty one, I suggest you to check which size is the better for your wished stamp set. (Yes, the L size was born because I started the stamping with a bit bigger stamp. 😅) I suggest you the Jet Black inkpad for stamping by Lawn Fawn, and before coloring make sure to give a heat set with heat gun to the entire surface before you start the coloring process. This will prevent the ink smearing from the outlines.
  • You can use it for color combo swatching but you can create your own combos by the type of critters as well. For example, cats or dogs in different colors and many others as well. It can speeds up your coloring process in the future and you can find new favorite combos as well.

  • If you are in a rush, just color the small dots on the cardstcok and you will finish the sample coloring later you have time.
  • You can also find some coloring guides on my Instagram too. I collected the posts here.


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