New blog and new design

Hello and welcome lovelies! I have news for you! I was unhappy with the previous setup of my blog, so I decided to move my site to blogger. This new platform will be much better for me and to you too. As you can see I changed the design too and now I feel it's more like me! So feel free to check the new things, I moved all of my posts from 2019 here.

My oldie but goodie blog is still live with my older posts then 2019, so all the links that you saved to your pinterest will be still working. 

In this post I want to say good bye and huuuge thank you to my first blog! I will highlight you some of my favorite posts from the previous year. If you want to, you can check back to my old blog, all you need to do is just click on the text or picture bellow.

I am so happy to see you there! If you don't want to miss my newest posts subscribe to my newsletter here.

Big big hugs, and welcome again

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